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Alan Bartuš – Born in Millenium

15. Juli 2022 um 18:00 - 19:30

Alan Bartuš piano/compositions

Stefan Pišta Bartuš bass

Howard Curtis drums

Kornel Fekete Kovacs trumpet

The Trio was founded on the internal complaint  Alan Bartus, present and pursue his own musical ideas.The composition is the result of author’s experience in various genres and styles of music. In particular, classical music, ethnic music and world music.There is about acoustic jazz project in a modern interpretation. Individual songs reflect the latest trends in jazz music. Modern fusion of latin, classical and freemusic melodies combined firm is the result of composition, each member of the body has room for improvisation in the form of actual implementation. This creates a variety of colored surfaces in space, are typical in the music process. Individual pieces of content capture professional experience of the author, as well as its strong emotional journeys of life.Cooperation of father and son bring this Trio to another point of wiew,-they are playing own composition and arangement with passion and understanding each other,with one of legendary drumer GREGORY HUTCHINSON

The music what the Trio create is a shapable musical process flowing in time.Especially jazz with its originality of composition in many forms turns into an art which is creative and at the same time non-recurring.It has a spirit of a unique moment issuing from the interpretative interaction among the band members.It’s a beautiful process of message transmission through symbiosis of soundsThe attentive audience that feels the “message” brings the musician the greatest satisfaction. Our mission is to spread out culture  through music.

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15. Juli 2022
18:00 - 19:30